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Common myths and facts about Venetian polished plaster

Venetian Plaster

Due to the trend of polished plaster, a lot of people have different opinions about it and most of such thoughts and opinions about polished plaster are not true.

And in this blog we want to spot out some of these false opinions and bring clarity to you.

1st Myth: Polished Plaster Is Only Used On Walls

One of the common misconceptions about polished plaster is the limitation to only walls.
They are certainly different types of polished plaster and most of them like Marmorino have been tested and trusted as strong and good enough for floors, kitchen and pool areas.

2nd Myth: Polished Plaster Costs A Fortune

This myth comes from the place of comparing polished plaster to paint, which are both different interiors.

The cost of polished plaster can only be compared to its longevity and luxury finishing.
Polished plaster is expensive no doubt but it’s worth every penny spent in achieving it

3rd Myth: It Has Limited Colors & Styles Of Choice

With the years of existence of polished plaster a lot has changed and is still changing.

Varieties have been acknowledged, and colors of choice is one of the changes that has been made

Just like any interior option, polished plaster can be finished with any color of your choice

4th Myth: Polished Plaster Is Outdated And Tacky

The smooth and exquisite finishing of polished plaster is one of its luxury features and nothing of tackiness is considered smooth.

The trend of polished plaster is the true definition of revolution, not outdated and it’s only a what is worthwhile can be revolutionized.

5th Myth: Wet Areas Can’t Be Applied

This is rather a battle than a myth, though it is not advisable to apply polished plaster on wet areas, but some products like Marmorino can be used on wet areas to achieve amazing results.

Now you have clarity about the common misconceptions about polished plaster.

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