Add the finishing touches to your interiors with Venetian Plastering. Hand made with a secret recipe from the heart of Italy, our experts craftsmen blend and airbrush bespoke venetian finishes to create an inviting look for your home or business.

Unlimited options available to create a tailored solution that’s as unique as the character of your home.

Venetian polished Plaster

Why choose Venetian Plaster?

– Eco-Friendly

– Mold Free

– Moisture Resistant

Enjoy the benefits of a naturally beautiful, high-quality and healthy living environment.

Venetian plaster is a highly durable and breathable material that reduces indoor humidity in summer, warm up quickly in winter, while keeping out mould and bugs.

Venetian polished Plaster

Venetian plaster is a true, genuine artisanal craft – it is an art form that requires skill, practice and patience. We believe that each project should be treated as an individual work of art.

Professional Consultation

Our knowledgeable staff will come to your home or business to offer our professional consultation service and advise on suitable materials and solutions for each stage of the job.

Premium Materials

We believe that quality and luxury go hand in hand. That is why we use only the highest quality of materials imported directy from Italy.

Timeless Appeal

In the world of luxury finishes, Venetian plaster is a timeless classic. It’s been used for centuries to create beautiful and unique surfaces.