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How to maintain venetian plasters to avoid cracks

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Afraid of cracks on your Venetian interiors?

Venetian plaster is turning into an increasingly more famous interior decor order than wallpapers and paints that can wear out easily. Though known for its luxurious appearance, eco-friendly and durability, a few things has to be put in check in order to maintain a long lasting Venetian Plaster interior

In today’s Article we are going to be sharing professional guidelines for its maintenance and protection.

Keep it Dry

Venetian plaster though waterproof ought to be kept dry at all times, when cleaning surface, ensure to dry up all water this doesn’t just supports the shining of your plaster but also reduces the chances of getting damaged/cracked

Maintain a gentle cleaning procedure

Venetian plaster, though made from hard and strong materials can also be delicate, in as much as you would love to enhance the appearance of your plaster from time to time you need to be super careful when cleaning it.

Cleaning must be done gentle and extra attention to details, a cotton and light material is highly recommended for cleaning and no fancy detergent is required, make it soapy and gently clean.

Cross check your wall finishing

Before attempting to clean your polished plaster, you must check whether your wall was sealed with wax or not.

Ensure to know the condition of your wall before cleaning, if it was sealed with wax then it’ll be easier for you to clean.

But if not, try to test clean by cleaning a little surface and await its outcome before proceeding to clean the entire wall.

Don’t delay repairs

Noticed some cracks on your Venetian plaster wall? Don’t panic and don’t procrastinate

The earlier you attend to the repair the lower the damage, it’s advisable to check your wall from time to time to know where it needs professional help.

While it is possible to repair any damage yourself, it is important you seek expert help once you identify any form of damage.

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